Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Fashion is under style. The function of fashion, other than self expression, is commerce. Well, entertainment also is one. Human beings are just perennially bored, that we want something different or new to go with the passage of time. Other than that, we're pretty much okay with sheepskin, although of course we won't be because we are human beings. I am dedicating my blog to fashion and style. I should say I love fashion as I do love style, but there is something about fashion, the world of fashion and its industry, that is noisy, ADD if you ask me, and quite annoying. That is not why I love fashion. I love fashion in its most sublime, serene application. Fashion that is under style that is under beauty. Fashion that helps us experiment how much we can play up what we got to look more aesthetically-balanced, appealing, evolved. I hope we all get there.